Ana Sayfa Haberler USA & Israel’s FETO targets Vatan Party Vanguard Youth and HAMAS

USA & Israel’s FETO targets Vatan Party Vanguard Youth and HAMAS


Fugitive FETO operative Abdullah Bozkurt, former Ankara Representative, New York Bureau Chief, and Washington DC Representative of Today’s Zaman, the English-language edition of FETO’s banned Zaman newspaper, recently targeted the Vatan (Patriotic) Party Vanguard Youth (Oncu Genclik) based on its meeting with the HAMAS Youth Office.

In a recent report published on the website “Nordic Monitor”, which he founded with the funds of the terrorist organization PKK-supporting Swedish state, FETO operative Abdullah Bozkurt described Vatan Partisi Vanguard Youth as “a militant, far-right, and neo-nationalist group that is the youth branch of the pro-Iranian Perinçek group, which is allied with the government of Turkish President Erdogan” and tried to portray it as an illegal and dangerous organization.

Bozkurt, who learned about the meeting from Aydınlık Newspaper, stated: “The delegations discussed strategies to expand the anti-U.S. and anti-Israel front globally. Samet Kunt, President of Vanguard Youth, promised to defeat the US-Israeli alliance, to take Türkiye out of NATO and to remove US troops from Turkish military bases.” Bozkurt complains about us to the US and Israeli authorities to which he is attached.

Thus, targeting the independence struggle of the Palestinian people and HAMAS, he accused us of “aggression against NATO bases and US soldiers”, “raising militants in summer camps”, and “instilling extreme leftist and Islamist ideology in young people”.

In addition to the meeting of our delegation led by our Chairman Samet Kunt with HAMAS Youth Office Vice President Ashraf Awad, FETO’s Bozkurt also targeted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT). Because the fugitive FETO members, who continue their activities under orders from Western states, cannot prevent the national forces in Türkiye from fighting imperialism and solidarity with oppressed nations.

We are proud that Abdullah Bozkurt, a fugitive FETO operative who tries to exonerate Israel and the USA by referring to the reports of the genocidal Israeli army and the murderous MOSSAD, targeted the Vatan Party Vanguard Youth. The Vatan Party has been the nightmare of FETO militants, who are the psychological warfare operatives of the USA and Israel, for decades.

Let us remind FETO’s Bozkurt, who prepared a media report for the CIA and MOSSAD about our support for the Palestinian struggle:

For 55 years we have been fighting shoulder to shoulder with Palestine. The young leaders of the Vatan Party, led by Bora Gözen, were martyred for an independent and free Palestine. HAMAS is the legitimate and glorious resistance organization of the Palestinian people fighting against genocidal Israel and the USA, and is our fellow partner in destiny.

CIA and MOSSAD-owned FETO operatives are quite right in their complaints and fears.

Our cooperation will develop and our struggle will continue until we expel the USA and Israel from our region.

The Palestinian cause is the Turkish cause and the Turkish cause is the Palestinian cause!